Controlled Vocabulary

Video Tutorials

Here are a few sample video tutorials that show you how to use various applications useful in the creation and embedding of keywords into images (please note, these will open in a new window).

How to use the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog (CVKC) in Photo Mechanic as a Keyword Generator.

If you are using older versions of Photoshop, such as CS, or CS2, the following shows you,
How to use the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog (CVKC) as a Keyword Generator.

Do you need to view photo metadata embedded in a digital image file? If so this screencast shows how to use Jeffrey's Exif viewer to see the Exif, IPTC and XMP metadata in an image with only a browser.

If you need to modify your IIT Keyword Catalog structure, view the following to see,
How to move terms around within the Image Info Toolkit Keyword Catalog.

David Riecks developed a set of video tutorials to introduce the IPTC Core panels in Photoshop when they were introduced in 2005. You can see the complete set on the Stock Artists Alliance tutorials page.

There are now a number of printed tutorials as well as accompanying video tutorials for Photoshop CS3 and CS4, Adobe Bridge, Expression Media, and other applications at the PhotoMetadata website.


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