Controlled Vocabulary

The Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)

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Purchase and Download:

Question 1: How do I purchase the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog (CVKC)?
Answer: Purchase links for PayPal are included on each version page. The main Products page has a list of all currently supported versions. If you are unable to use PayPal, please contact us for alternate arrangements.

Question 2: Where do I download the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog (CVKC)?
Answer: Simply click on the Download page, located under the Support link on the main navigation bar.

Question 3: I just purchased the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog (CVKC) when will I receive my confirmation and download information?
Answer: You should see an email within 24 hours (typically within a few hours if you are ordering between 8 to 5, Monday to Friday, Central Time US). If you do not receive anything in your email within this time, first check to make sure that your email address on file with PayPal is up to date. Second, check your email "junk" folder, just in case the message to you has been filtered. If you still don't find a message, please send an email using the link on the Contact page and note your PayPal Transaction ID in your email. Include an alternate email address from the one your PayPal account is tied to in case our messages are being blocked or filtered. If you include a phone number, that provides another way of contacting you if email delivery is being blocked or filtered.

Question 4: Is there a demo version of the CVKC I can try?
Answer: The Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog (CVKC) isn't a program, it's a data set that can be imported into other applications. The BreezeBrowser, Photo Mechanic, IDimager and METAmachine applications already have a limited version of the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog within them. There is an example file for the Image Info Toolkit on the website, and I have a few other samples available on request, use the contact page to send an email and note the version you are interested in seeing.

Question 5: Is the Controlled Vocabulary available in other languages?
Answer: At this point in time, the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog is only available in English. With the exception of the Image Info Toolkit application, all other file formats within the other applications do not support multiple languages within their hierarchical keyword catalog format. So at present, there is no easy way to provide support for multi-lingual keyword catalogs.

Question 6: Does the Controlled Vocabulary work with both Mac and Windows platforms?
Answer: The Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog is available for both Mac and Windows platforms for every application supported. The only exceptions would be for those applications that only work on a single platform such as the Apple Aperture version (which only works on the Mac OS), and Breeze Browser (which only works on the Windows operating system). Known limitations, such as only working with more recent versions of an application, are mentioned on the product pages.

Other Questions:

If your question isn't answered above, and you would like an answer, please send an email using the link on the Contact page and include the word "Question" in the subject line. While we attempt to answer all emails in a prompt manner, there are times where this might require some research before replying. If you are already using the CVKC or have questions of a general nature regarding the use of Controlled Vocabularies, or embedding metadata into image files, you might also wish to join the Controlled Vocabulary Discussion Forum.


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