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The Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog FAQ

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Information on Subscriptions and Licensing:

Question 1: What do you mean by a "subscription" to the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog?
Answer: A subscription to the CVKC gives the owner access to any of the current versions of the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog that are available for download up to one year from the purchase date. If you decide to change from one supported application to another, your username and password can be used to download that other version. Before the end of your subscription year, you should receive information on extending your subscription, so that you will be able to continue to download new versions as they become available.

Question 2: What happens if I let my subscription lapse?
Answer: You can re-activate your subscription at a later date, but the fee for that is more than extending an active subscription.

Question 3: Can I still use the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog (CVKC) if my subscription has lapsed?
Answer: Yes, you can always continue to use the existing version that you have. If your subscription lapses, however, you will no longer have access to download any updated versions.

Question 4: If I want to use the CVKC with two different applications, like Photo Mechanic and Bridge, do I need to purchase 2 versions of the CVKC?
Answer: The CVKC subscription is a single-user license, issued to an individual. You can download multiple versions and use the CVKC with any of the applications supported. When you make your initial purchase you will need to select one in order to make payment. This is so we will know which instructions to send you, and also helps us know which versions are the most popular.

Think of your subscription to the CVKC more like other "plug-ins" (when there used to be other apps that could use them). You buy one copy of the plug-in and you use it with the application of your choice. If you want to use it with two apps that's fine. Do note, however, that most End User License Agreements (including the one for the CVKC) prohibit transferring your license, giving away copies, or allowing it to be used by multiple people.

Also note, that depending on the applications you are using, the exact keywords that are placed into the Keyword field and embedded in your image files may differ. This is because the terms from the CVKC are arranged and accessed differently by each application. In addition, some applications can recognize either "excluded category headers" or "synonyms" (or both), and some allow you to manipulate how and if these terms are added or withheld from the final keywords applied.

Question 5: Are there any demo versions of the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog?
A sample version of the CVKC is already installed in Camera Bits Photo Mechanic, IDimager, as well as Breeze Browser. A sample set is also available for download that can be imported into the English version of Image Info Toolkit. These samples are free for your use (even in the demo versions of those products). This similar set of sample terms (which contains a portion of two of the more than 20 top level hierarchies available in the full version) is available on request for the following applications: Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, iView/Expression Media, and Apple Aperture. If you are interested in previewing, simply send email using the address on the Contact page and indicate which application you are using. Unfortunately there is no way at present to offer a full demo version, as there is no way to time-limit the use with any of the current software applications. If you have questions about what terms are included, send email noting the subject matter of the photos you keyword most often, and it may be possible to send you some additional info about the coverage of the CVKC in those areas.

Other Questions:

If your question isn't answered above, and you would like an answer, please send an email using the link on the Contact page and include the word "Question" in the subject line. While we attempt to answer all emails in a prompt manner, there are times where this might require some research before replying. If you are already using the CVKC or have questions of a general nature regarding the use of Controlled Vocabularies, or embedding metadata into image files, you might also wish to join the Controlled Vocabulary Discussion Forum.


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