Controlled Vocabulary

Download the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog

Please Note: By proceeding with this download and importing the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Your subscription is limited to a single user, but you are welcome to download and use any of the various versions listed below. All you need for access is the username and password that was sent to you in your purchase email.

Click on the appropriate link below to begin the download process. Please have your username and password available as you will be prompted for these before you can begin any download. If you haven't done so, you may wish to print out a copy of your invoice details and store in a safe place for future reference. If you are at a secure computer, you may also wish to have your computer save this access information; since your subscription grants you a full year of access from the purchase date. When updates are available you will be notified using the same email address used at the time of purchase. Please inform us of any email address changes so that you can be notified of these updates in the future.

The current version of the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog (CVKC) available for download is 3.0. A PDF listing the additions since version 2.0 was released is available for download at the bottom of this page (username / password required for access).

Note to users of the Apple Safari browser: Please download the ZIP file package of the CVKC. Single clicking on the Stuffit (.SIT) download package results in a page of coded characters appearing within a resulting Safari browser window.

Note to Windows Vista users: The utility that is part of the Windows Vista operating system (at least in the Home and Business editions) apparently has a problem when unzipping files—you will end up with empty folders or error messages. There is a message on the following Microsoft Forum, with a description of the problem and one solution. I would recommend the use of a stand alone Unzip utility, such as Stuffit Expander, or any of the UnZip utilities mentioned on Version Tracker instead of using the built-in Vista unzip utility.

Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog:

Visit the Multi-User Downloads page

Single-User Version Downloads

CVKCv3 for Adobe Bridge 2.1+

CVKCv3 for Adobe Lightroom 1.1+

Stuffit ".sitx" file     |     Zipped ".zip" file

Lightroom Installation Instructions

Special Version - All terms on sublevel below CVKC header
(see Eric Scouten's "Organize your Keywords with Category Headers" for how to use).

Stuffit ".sitx" file     |     Zipped ".zip" file

CVKCv3 for Apple Aperture 1.5+

Warning!, if using Safari Browser DO NOT download the Stuffit file, download the ZIP instead.

Stuffit ".sitx" file     |     Zipped ".zip" file

Aperture Installation Instructions

CVKCv3 for AntZero AtomicView 1.2+

CVKCv3 for BreezeBrowser 1.5

CVKCv3 for BreezeBrowser 1.7+

CVKCv3 for FotoStation

Stuffit ".sitx" file     |     Zipped ".zip" file

FotoStation Installation Instructions

CVKCv3 for IDimager 4+

Stuffit ".sitx" file     |     Zipped ".zip" file

IDimager Installation Instructions

CVKCv3 for iView MediaPro 3/Expression Media 1+

CVKCv3 for Image Info Toolkit 3.0

CVKCv3 for Photo Mechanic 4.5+

For StockView (from HindSight Ltd)

If you have problems with the download, please contact the .

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